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Dreams Come Full Circle at Ramin's Roost

Dreams Come Full Circle at Ramin's Roost

Ramin Pourteymour remembers everything about that April night of 1985 when, at 15 years old, he stared up at the La Jolla sky and made a wish.

It was at the birthday party of Eva Cerciello. She was a popular student at La Jolla High, he was not. At the time, Ramin was a recent Persian immigrant pumping gas and scrubbing toilets at the 76 station at 801 Pearl St. to help keep his family afloat. Eva’s driveway was lined with luxury cars and her house seemed to go on for miles.

“There was a full moon shining bright above the house,” says Ramin, who speaks like most poets write. “The magnificent view inspired me. I whispered to myself, ‘I hope that someday when I grow up, I will...