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La Jolla woman will be DJ for a day

La Jolla woman will be DJ for a day

Heather Kraszewski, a La Jollan, will be DJ for a day this Friday.

Local radio station KSCF, Sophie 103.7, liked the playlist she submitted for a contest recently so much she won the grand prize — guest disc jockey for the day this Friday, March 2

The radio station is being renamed HEATHER 103.7 that day in her honor.

“She loves music,” said her mom, Heather, who owns Ocean Girl surf boutique in La Jolla Shores where Heather works.

“It’s really eclectic, such a smart play list,” Terry said of Heather’s selections.

Terry said Heather’s playlist is a blend of new and old and is “so cool and so much fun,” adding her daughter’s winning was “such a shock” and...