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Let’s Review: ‘Arrival’ premiere wows UCSD sci-fi fans

Let’s Review: ‘Arrival’ premiere wows UCSD sci-fi fans

There was excitement in the air on Nov. 7 at Atkinson Auditorium in the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego for the world premiere of the science fiction film, “Arrival,” released in theaters Nov. 11. The sold-out crowd was anxious to find their seats.

Paramount Pictures, which owns the rights to the film, allowed it to be screened as a benefit for the Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop, held on campus for six weeks every summer. Austere-looking Secret Service-type guards were posted at the entrances to make sure no one filmed or photographed the film.

In the audience were sci-fi fans, teachers and students, including this year’s Clarion workshop students of Ted Chiang, a...