Let Inga Tell You: Getting an 'A' in Uber

Let Inga Tell You: Getting an 'A' in Uber


I recently saw an article on MSN about how you can find out what rating Uber drivers have given you. There wasn't any doubt in my mind that it would be a perfect 5. I only get A's. I do not do B+. I am also an Uber driver's dream: I'm standing out front when they arrive, regardless of the weather. I chat it up with them, am insanely cheerful, always give THEM a 5 and never fail to write a message of praise for their Ubering skills in the comments section.

So I was stunned — and stunned is actually way too mild a word — to discover that my rating from drivers was 4.89. WHAAAAAT????? I'd love to get my hands on that driver (or...