Girls Lacrosse: Knights ready for rivalry against Vikings in La Jolla

The Bishop’s School girls lacrosse team

Near equally matched, and equally skilled, the La Jolla High School Vikings and The Bishop’s School Knights girls lacrosse teams will square off at a match on the Viking’s turf, 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18. As of press deadline, the Vikings were 6-1 this season and the Knights are just behind them at 6-3.

Giving credit to her returning players and student leaders, Bishop’s coach Meghan Carr said the Knights have grown as a team and each player contributes something. The diverse, 19-person roster includes representatives from all high school grades. But the five seniors and five juniors set the tone.

“Having a lot of returning players to help lead on and off the field has had a great positive impact on the newer players who are in key positions as goalie and in the midfield,” she told La Jolla Light, via e-mail.

Team Captains include junior Courtney Anderson and seniors Hana Belmonte-Ryu and Rachel Waite, who Carr credits with “leadership on and off the field with goals, assists and team unity.”

She added that other returning seniors who “lead our defensive line and midfield” include Olivia Ralph, Caroline Allene, Marley Meyer and Nathalie Slosar.

Giving kudos to two juniors, she said Anderson “sets the pace in the midfield with the draw (which starts play at the beginning of both halves as well as after every goal)” and Lila Browne “continues to be on point with her shots with a high number of goals.”

Overall, she concluded: “This season has shown real growth in our midfield transition starting with our freshman goalie, our defensive line and then into our attack which sets us up for scoring opportunities.”

But will it be enough to defeat the Vikings?

The La Jolla High team is ranked 11th in the state and has had an impressive season thus far. They opened the season be defeating against El Camino 16-0, and have had some dramatic wins along the way, including defeating Poway 10-9 in overtime.

And the fact that the team has won its first six games is that much more impressive considering it is a relatively young team. During the 2018 season, the varsity team had seven seniors, all of whom moved on, and coach Kitty Cullen previously told La Jolla Light she would be relying on underclassmen to step up this season.

The object of lacrosse is to use a long-handled stick (known as a crosse or lacrosse stick) to catch, cradle, and pass a solid rubber ball in an effort to score by hurling the ball into an opponent's goal.

—The Vikings/Knights rivalry game begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18 at La Jolla High School, 750 Nautilus St.