Four La Jolla soccer teams win Labor Day Championships

Over Labor Day weekend in early September, soccer teams from across southern California met in San Diego for the La Jolla Impact Labor Day Classic. Hosted by La Jolla Soccer Club, home of the La Jolla Impact Competitive program, the eighth annual tournament paired more than 20 teams for tournament-style play over multiple games. The first few games were played on greater San Diego fields, and the championships took place at Allen Field in La Jolla.

Four La Jolla Impact teams won in their brackets, which are named for the year in which the players were born: Blue 2007 Boys, Blue 2006 Boys, Blue 2004 Girls and Blue 2001 Boys.

The girl’s team was featured in the Sept. 22 issue of La Jolla Light.

The oldest team, Boys 2001, has players from La Jolla High School, Preuss School, University City High School and San Diego Jewish Academy. They won their championship game 1-0.

Team parent Laura Brown credited the win to the team bonding together. “They respected each other and listened to each other. The coach is amazing, but … it came down to team effort – not one player taking a dominant role. It was interesting to see that no one puffed up their chest or anything,” she said.

The Boys 2007 team did not require a championship game, as they knocked out their opposition in the first three games. After three victories at Robb Field in Ocean Beach, a tourney at Allen field was not needed.

For Boys 2006, who competed against a team from Manhattan Beach in its championship game, Remko Kevorkian, Nate Butler, Nate Takata and Lance Biagioli were credited as the cornerstones of the team’s 5-2 victory.