Vikings topple Torreys: La Jolla High beats La Jolla Country Day School 29-21 in cross-town rivalry football game

The first cross-town rivalry of the 2017 La Jolla football season went to the La Jolla High School Vikings Sept. 1, when they defeated the La Jolla Country Day School Torreys 29-21 at Country Day. There was heavy reliance on tackling from both sides with players being taken down at the knees, and lots of gripping and clawing at uniforms.

With interceptions galore, possession switched sides throughout each quarter. Defense was also strong on both sides, preventing longer runs for more yardage.

The game opened with the Vikings in possession, and they inched their way up the field, down by down, before scoring the first touchdown with 6:50 left in the first quarter with Quarterback Trevor Scully throwing to full-back Zachary Garcia. Contrarily, when the Torreys received for their first possession, they were able to run the ball nearly half way to end zone.

But the Vikings intercepted the ball with five-and-a-half minutes left in the first quarter. It was intercepted right back by the Torreys about a minute later. With two-and-a-half minutes on the clock, the Vikings intercepted once again.

Without making to the end zone, the quarter ended 7-0 Vikings.

When the Torreys had their first possession in the second quarter, they used more far throws than shorter passes, but were held scoreless until the two-minute-12-second mark in the second quarter, when wide receiver Sola Hope scored a touchdown for the Torreys. In that time, however (and in the span of less than two minutes), the Vikings intercepted the ball, and the Torreys intercepted right back.

When the Vikings resumed offense following the Torrey touchdown, they too attempted more long throws to get toward the end zone. With 13 seconds left in the second quarter, the Vikings were successful and scored an additional touchdown.

At halftime, it was 14-7 Vikings.

The third quarter opened slowly, with no scoring activity until the seven-minute-45-second mark, when the Torreys wide receiver Anthony Bland narrowly scored a touchdown — reaching with the ball into the end zone.

With four-and-a-half minutes left in the third quarter Vikings wide receiver Michael Wells ran for couple dozen yards clear unto the end zone. Rather than go for the seventh point kick, the Vikings attempted a two-point conversion, but was unsuccessful.

The third quarter ended 20-14.

Opening the fourth quarter more aggressively, the Vikings scored a two-point safety within the first 10 seconds of the fourth quarter and a throw into the end zone for a touchdown two minutes later.

But the Torreys fought to the very end, scoring another touchdown in the fourth quarter with about 2 minutes left. But when all was said and done, the so-called Battle for the Jewel City was won by the Vikings.