Your partner in affordable housing construction

(Jeeheon Cho)

In recent years, the construction of luxury buildings has accounted for many of the new multi-family units built. While good for the industry, this construction growth does not address the increasing demand for affordable housing as the population in American cities grows.

Developers are exploring new ways to finance and construct affordable housing projects, and they are turning to construction partners to assist with projects from the preconstruction phase to completion.

A closer look at partnerships

As a premier developer, builder and construction partner in Southern California, Murfey Company understands the ins and outs of low-income housing construction including the knowledge of public-private financing, tax credits, construction guidelines and regulations, and the importance of implementing lean construction principles.

Murfey Company has poised itself to partner with developers as the builder of choice in the competitive multi-family industry, offer clients concept-to-completion project support. Not only are we are committed to the highest standards of performance, service and integrity, we understand the industry – from fair housing and accessibility guidelines to federal and local compliance requirements.

Murfey Company’s goal is to create projects that are cost effective and efficient in the use of products. We work hard to maximize efficiencies in all parts of a project to deliver a product that is on-time and on-budget.

How can Murfey Company help?

Murfey Company provides design and construction services to ensure that every project is done right. This commitment to quality flows into all stages of construction, and we are equipped to partner with developers to address affordable housing and market rate construction goals in many ways, including:

· Predevelopment/Preconstruction/Procurement

Project criteria which includes site selection, scope development, feasibility studies, acquisition proposals, cost estimation and preliminary budget and schedule preparation.

· Review

Design and construction review, evaluation of cost-effectiveness, recommendations for lowering costs maintaining the highest standards to quality, operation and safety

· Construction

Manage and lead construction meetings, monitor construction, manage change orders, and oversee costs and payments

· Project completion and wrap-up

Final review, final punch lists, guarantees, warranties, affidavits, lien releases, bonds, waivers and project acceptance

Whether the project you are considering is new construction or a rehab, Murfey Company can assist in managing the maze of affordable housing programs requirements, low income housing tax credits, Green building standards and bond financing. To learn more about partnering with Murfey Company, a leader in the construction and renovation of affordable single- and multi-family housing real estate development, visit