Beautiful legs for this summer start now


Spring is the perfect time to address varicose vein issues and start your treatment for beautiful legs before weekends at the beach time and summer weddings season is in full swing.

The physical appearance of varicose veins can be embarrassing for sufferers. Proper treatment will result in the disappearance of unsightly rope-like bulges, purple spider veins and discoloration. After treatment, varicose vein sufferers feel more confident in their appearance. For many, feeling more confident can lead to better eating habits, weight loss and better overall well-being.

Varicose veins can lead to more harmful conditions such as deep vein thrombosis, bad circulation and venous leg ulcers, a painful and difficult condition to resolve. If left untreated, the skin protecting the vein can become thin. The vein can rupture due to outside pressure and there can be significant blood loss.

Check out these reasons for seeking treatment during the spring months.

Cover up while healing

Varicose vein sufferers often find the spring an ideal time of year to begin treatment. The weather is not too cold, and it is not too hot. The temperate spring San Diego weather allows those who are seeking treatment to conceal the minor bruising and scabs with long pants, maxi skirts and leggings.

Cooler air for comfort

Wearing compression stockings prior to – and while healing from – treatment is necessary. You will be much more comfortable wearing compression stockings when the air is cooler. If you begin your treatments in March or April, you likely will be able to put away compression stockings by the time summer is here.

Avoid harmful rays

Another reason the spring months are an excellent time of year to seek treatment is that we recommend limiting exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun during the recovery period after treatment. This is because exposure can slow down the recovery process. Typically, UV rays should be avoided for 3-4 weeks due to the potential of sunlight causing the skin to discolor during the healing process. This reason alone makes Spring the ideal time for vein therapy treatments as it will become more challenging to avoid the sun during the summer months.

Although treatment time varies for each patient, most patients need a couple of visits at the vein center to resolve their issues. Patients usually notice a significant improvement in the reduction and visibility of varicose veins and spider veins soon after their first treatment.

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