Enjoy summer to the fullest

Enjoy summer to the fullest
Enjoy summer to the fullest<br>

Lazy days spent around the pool, time on the golf course, afternoons at the beach…summer is in full swing in San Diego.

Unfortunately, the summer months can be a time of dread for those living with varicose veins. The rope-like, blue-tinted thick veins can be a source of embarrassment for those with venous disease. Even thin, web-like spider veins can discourage sufferers from wearing shorts or skirts.

What can you do to ensure that your varicose veins do not inhibit your summer plans?

Because warmer temperatures can increase discomfort experienced from varicose veins, it is important to hydrate and stay cool. Remember that not all fluids are equally beneficial. Alcohol, coffee and tea dehydrate the body. Juices contain a tremendous amount of sugar as do many soft drinks.

Skinny jeans and leggings might be fashionable, but tight clothing will restrict your circulation even further and make the problem worse. Choose comfortable, looser fitting clothing, particularly when traveling long distances.

Applying sunscreen during the summer is a must, but it is vital for anyone with varicose veins. A sunburn increases your skin’s temperature and dilates your blood vessels. Your body will perceive that your skin has been damaged and will have an inflammatory response. The veins enlarge, and the symptoms of varicose veins become more pronounced.

Your diet affects your circulatory system and varicose veins. Summer is the perfect time to eat a great variety of vitamin rich fresh fruits and vegetables, which reduces inflammation.

In addition to diet, exercise minimizes the symptoms experienced with venous disease, including aching, throbbing, itching, heaviness and leg fatigue. A short 10- or 15-minute walk can have a positive impact on your circulatory health and reduce symptoms. Traditional summer sports such as swimming, tennis and cycling are other good choices for exercise.

Besides outdoor fun, summer often involves travel. Several hours on an airplane or in vehicle can aggravate varicose veins and can result in swelling, cramping, pain and discomfort. Long flights add up to a lot of time spent sitting and too little time stretching your legs. Consider upgrading seats for expanded leg room and remember to get up and move around every hour.

Airlines like to distribute food high in carbohydrates and sodium, resulting in bloating and water retention. Pack your own unsalted nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables (think apple slices and carrot sticks).

There is no need for varicose veins to get in the way of taking full advantage of these carefree months. Modern treatments are effective, quick and minimally invasive.

If you are tired of hiding your legs, make an appointment with an experienced vein specialist to discuss your treatment options. San Diego Vein Institute is located at 336 Encinitas Boulevard, Suite 130, Encinitas, CA 92024. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (760) 944-9263 or visit