Construction Experts Do It All to Create Neighborhoods

Murfey Company
When a developer employs all the people needed to bring a new area to life, you know that all the right work is done by the right people. Murfey Company’s team renovated The Collins in La Jolla, a 1960s-era building, to include apartments and retail.
(Courtesy of Murfey Company)

You may hear terms like “urban development” or “infill housing” in the news or from your city representatives, and these terms may not mean much to you. But beyond the buzzwords, the building and renovating you see in the San Diego area is intended to create neighborhoods – and that is a word that likely means a lot to you.

Murfey Company
Murfey Company called on its comprehensive development team to renovate The Collins in La Jolla in 2020. The reclaimed building includes 16 apartments, half of which have ocean views.
(Courtesy of Murfey Company)

Everyone wants to live in an attractive area with amenities such as retail, restaurants, and parks. You work hard, so when you come home you want a well-designed, bright, earth-friendly space that promotes relaxation, or that inspires you to welcome friends into your home.

In a vibrant city like San Diego, change is constant. Communities and buildings live their lives but often get to a stage where they need a new purpose, or a complete ground-up renovation. Builders who understand this can bring new vitality to neighborhoods by investing in and developing places to live, work, and socialize. The most successful new living spaces are created to reflect the lifestyle you have chosen, complete with sea breezes, vistas, and materials that reflect life in our part of the world.

Murfey Company.
Residents of The Collins in La Jolla have a short walk to the beach and a grocery store on the first floor, thanks to the full-service expertise of Murfey Company.
(Murfey Company)

Sounds wonderful? It is, but it’s also not easy. Cities and their outlying areas are complex places, and to build great neighborhoods, companies have to negotiate financing, real estate, permitting, construction and design, environmental, and technological issues. Sometimes, the best solution is a building company that is way more than a group of workers in hard hats.

When a developer employs all the people needed to bring a new apartment building, shopping area, or single-family home to life, you know that all the right work is done by the right people. Builders who work with in-house project managers, site supervisors, accountants, marketing and business development pros, technology specialists, and expert tradespeople handle projects efficiently, cost effectively, and with years of experience and knowledge.

This expertise can extend into the best part of any project – when people start living in a new space. When leasing and financial and property management are needed, who better to call on than the people who developed, designed, and built the project?

To see what a vertically integrated builder can do, check out The Collins in La Jolla. This 1960s-era building was renovated in 2020 to include 16 apartments, half of which have ocean views. Residents in this reclaimed building have a short walk to the beach and a grocery store on the first floor.

Murfey Company was proud to be able to bring new life to The Collins. Specializing in urban-infill, mixed-use projects, the company is guided by brothers and La Jolla locals Scott and Russ Murfey.

“Murfey Company encompasses a comprehensive group of services, driven by technology, and fueled by a passion for all things in the building industry,” says Russ Murfey.

Working with owners, developers, architects, engineers, consultants, and designers in the early stages of projects help Murfey staff provide real-time pricing and cost-saving ideas.

“Our team can coordinate and track all of the professional consultants required to get a new project permitted and underwritten in an expedient manner, so residents can start enjoying life in beautiful spaces and in great locations.”

So the next time you read about a new “infill” “urban development,” take a look at the project and see who is behind it, and how much they will bring to the residents of that area.

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