Commercial improvements that have a good return on investment


Commercial building improvements and renovations, such as improving the cosmetic appearance and function of an interior space or upgrading sustainability, can attract more customers, save money, and boost employee productivity and morale.

Let’s take a closer look at commercial improvements that offer some of the greatest returns on your investment.

Cosmetic updates

First impressions matter, and the first impression of your commercial space can help or hinder, which is why it’s important to focus on what your office space says about your business. A fresh, clean appearance can help to attract more customers to your business.

  • Selecting a contemporary palate for paint and design colors, updating light fixtures, replacing worn flooring are a great investment.
  • The look and feel of space improvements should match your company’s branding. Align improvements with your brand message so it serves as a marketing tool.
  • Consider working with a marketing design professional who can help ensure that the new design aligns with your brand.

Office Design and Environment

The work-space environment can affect employee productivity and mood. There are many opportunities to maximize your return on investment by creating an employee friendly space.

  • Open office space has been popular and desirable in the recent past. But the open concept has lost its popularity as employees have found the wide-open feeling to be less productive. Enclose some of this space for offices and a private conference room for staff. The return on your investment? Increased productivity.
  • The office temperature affects production and sometimes morale. Newer HVAC systems can have a positive effect on the mood in the office and the ability for workers to complete their jobs.
  • Proper lighting in work areas increases work production. Look closely at this issue. Is task lighting needed? Are employees able to work quickly without making errors?
  • In this tech driven workplace environment, electrical outlets and tech connections are more important than ever. Older buildings lack these features that are available in newer buildings.


Investing and implementing energy efficient, environmentally friendly systems in planned improvements can lead to savings in electricity, gas and water usage. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also helps attract customers who support eco-friendly businesses. Take into consideration the following ideas.

  • Installing a high-efficiency HVAC system provides direct savings to energy costs by efficiently maintaining the appropriate temperature year-round. Additionally, an optimized Air Handling Unit (AHU) Sequencing also is a key step in maximizing the operation and efficiency of your HVAC system. When set up properly, spaces are heated and cooled properly whether they are occupied or vacant.
  • Solar panels have an excellent Return On Investment, especially in sunny climates like San Diego. After the initial investment is made, panel maintenance costs are low. This upgrade pays for itself and is good for the environment, that’s a true win-win.
  • A simple and less costly way to minimize energy costs is to insulate or replace the ducts to prevent air leaks.
  • Replacing windows with new, efficient models that energy related is an improvement that will pay for itself. Low-e coatings can prevent heat transfer through the glass, reducing the burden on the HVAC system during the cooling season, which is extremely important in Southern California.
  • LED lighting and lighting motion sensors reduce electricity costs. With motion sensors, lights turn off automatically when no movement is detected in a work area. LED lighting uses much less energy than traditional lighting. A bonus is that LED light bars have a long life, which reduces maintenance costs. When these upgrades are made, there is substantial savings.

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