Committed to project success


The new year signifies a new beginning. For many it is an opportunity to re-evaluate, recalibrate and reset. As we venture into 2022, Murfey Company remains committed to excellence and continuing to improve our system deliveries.

Murfey Company embraces the principle that every successful project begins with a solid plan. A plan offers insights into the goals and objectives of a client’s project, and it ties to an organization’s mission. Within the plan, a client reveals their vision for the project – whether it is to give new life to an older neighborhood, to enhance a shopping district or to bring economic opportunity to an area.

A comprehensive plan includes a budget with a contingency fund to address unexpected costs. Although a budget can seem limiting, defining financial parameters within a budget provides control and is a mechanism for regulating costs.

With the expected continuation of labor shortage and materials delays in 2022 due to supply chain issues, the success record and reputation of builders is important when you decide who you choose to work with.

Set aside time to review the bids closely, carefully and with the mindset that the lowest bidder is not necessarily the best choice. Allow time in your busy schedule to interview contractors. Do your best to understand the risks you are taking by accepting a lower bid or the reasons why you value paying a higher price.

Communication is another key strategy for saving money and maintaining a schedule. Establish a realistic timeline and identify reasonable milestones for your project. I recognize that the current environment makes meeting benchmarks a challenge. However, the production timeline is worthwhile.

At Murfey Company one way our team tackles the challenge of delays is to encourage open lines of communications. This means that we have regularly scheduled meetings and utilize software to keep key people updated with changes and statuses so that everyone is on the same page.

Planning is a principle that works hand-in-hand with communication. The planning stage begins long before the project itself. The preconstruction and the procurement stages are vital to the timeline goals. As changes and plan revisions inevitably occur, flexibility and creativity in project management are essential in today’s environment, which is why Murfey Company takes planning and communication so seriously.

Our successes depend on adopting best practices before, during and after each project, because the bottom line is that we do not like surprises and my bet is that you don’t either.

Murfey Company, a leader in commercial and residential construction, real estate development, and investments, is dedicated to delivering on-time, on-budget projects and utilizing current technology to do so. For more information, visit