Whitehead: I am here to answer the phone and answer questions

Gary Whitehead
(Courtesy of Gary Whitehead)

WELL IT SEEMED RIGHT AT THE TIME .. how we all have lamented that phrase, and so it was several years back I carefully designed my first website with excruciating detail and fully excited in subscribing to GOOGLE ad words to enhance this Paralegal business. And yes, I enthusiastically listened to the experts! Sadly the sum total of this resulted in money and effort wasted.

Actually we all see a lot of beautifully designed websites Explanatory, imaginative and colorful. Certainly our Superior Court website is full of details, some making sense, others not, and many details left out for the self-practitioner. Solution? Why the telephone in desperate hope that a ‘live person’ will respond. And don’t we all hate long hold-times or the over-used phrase “we’re understaffed” as an excuse for bad service?

Truthfully I love technology as many simple tasks in the legal profession are quickly handled with fewer human errors. But have we progressed so far at the sacrifice of service to the client? After all customer service really begins with the client understanding the answers to normal human questions and that means it all begins with a live person who is experienced, answering the telephone and speaking direct truths to direct questions and beautifully designed websites fails to provide that human connection.

I grew up in a different time. Because our Parents were real estate brokers and the house was the office, the telephone answered meant business. Their were two phones and both numbers are embedded in my mind forever, both starting with GLencourt 4. Oh I am dating myself and unashamedly! I still remember seeing my Father leap to the phone during dinner hour in case it was a new client! It was all about answering questions and providing service. There was no website, no cell phones, no caller ID, and not even answering machines until later. Old fashion? Of course. Effective? Always.

Today’s consumers are a very sophisticated bunch. Well-educated. Well-versed in their needs and impatient with technological stumbling that does not answer their concerns. They have already painstakingly foraged over the website and begin dreading the search for a telephone number and then the anger begins as the thought of hold times surfaces!

This office is certainly not an on-line clothing operation. We don’t sell tires, health products or on-line office supplies. I sell SERVICE and that begins with the simple initial step of answering the phone and answering questions. It’s that simple. That old fashion.

As far as my website, when I can remember what it is, I’ll post it. In the meantime, I answer my phone every day and all day. Need a consultation? Just ask your questions. I am here.

Gary Whitehead can be reached at (858) 705-9270 daily. Email: SANDIEGOAC@aol.comGary Whitehead MBA, LDA* Notary, Notary Commission, 2281614 Exp 5/23 *Licensed Document Assistant, 201 Exp 05/24 San Diego County, Licensed Process Server # 3343 Exp 10/22