Paralegal or Attorney – What today’s Consumers Are Looking For

Gary Whitehead
(Courtesy of Gary Whitehead)

Service and results at a fair cost. A short answer to a complicated question.

With consumers today, increasingly sophisticated about their needs, and information readily available via internet tools, some find traditional Attorney services beyond their needs and budget. With Attorney hourly wages as high as $ 500.00 + in many cases, the consumer must decide if the legal task needing resolution is worthy of such expertise and cost.

Paralegals today traditionally work under the supervision of a licensed Attorney. They answer and write documents that are specifically reviewed by their Attorney employer. And for many consumers, such expertise and supervision is exactly what’s needed. For others, this process is ‘over-kill’ in both result and cost despite best intentions.

Today’s consumers have available another type of legal technician called ‘Legal Document Assistants.’ We are independent of Attorney interaction, are still licensed in the County of practice and must have proper bonding. Such disclosures must be made to the engaging consumer with the provision strictly enforced that legal advice is not offered and that the consumer must act in a ‘ministerial fashion and specifically direct the Legal Document Assistant. Business - Professional Code sections 6400-6415 details such rules.

In my office, I consider myself primarily a Counselor at Heart. I answer my phone daily and offer direction in matters of Landlord Evictions, Uncontested Divorce, LLC’s, In corporations, child custody, Wills, Trusts, Deed preparation and recordings offering unlimited telephone conversation in helping the consumer decide what’s best. Often I direct the caller to an Attorney, or Court Appointed Paralegals for family Law matters. I listen very carefully regarding consumer needs and the best possible direction.

As a former Realtor and residential property manager and growing up in a Realtor household, I find myself instinctively catering to the needs of Realtor’s and their clients. I respect and treasure any referrals and understand how hard the Realtor works for that client trust. I spend the time by phone carefully suggesting options rather than making decisions for the client. And all my telephone conversations are at no cost. I freely admit that I ‘do telephone’ pretty well and help the inquirer get to the conclusion of their needs and decide what is best.

So, Gary Whitehead and Associates is not a Law Office and we do not practice law. We practice ‘direction and results’ with a listening ear.

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