Your View: Wright story prompts another

The story in the Light about the Frank Lloyd Wright program scheduled for July 21 hit home for me. Having been born and raised in Racine, Wisc., Wright’s design of the S. C. Johnson Company buildings was a part of my early life. We watched the construction and toured the fantastic office building and later research tower.

Most people are not aware that Wright also designed some special furniture for the building, including some three-legged chairs. One day Wright got a phone call from a very irate Mr. Johnson. He was embarrassed and furious that one of his important visitors had fallen off a chair and crashed to the floor. Johnson demanded that Wright come to Racine immediately and correct the furniture.

Wright calmly asked, “Was he sitting on one of the three-legged chairs?” Johnson said, “Yes.”

“And he has two legs of his own?”

Johnson again said, “Yes.”

Wright said, “Any damn fool who can’t balance on five legs deserves to fall on his ass!” And slammed down the phone.

James E. Bie

La Jolla