Your View: TSA adds to trials, tribulations of travel


By Bob Bingham

La Jolla resident

The trials and tribulations of travelers never cease, especially when dealing with airlines and security issues. We place a great deal of confidence in TSA’s capabilities. Unfortunately, there are instances that shatter one’s confidence in the performance of our front-line security inspectors.

My purpose in writing is to share my unfortunate experience with our TSA baggage inspectors. On Sept. 27, I flew from Fort Smith, Ark., to San Diego, with a plane change in Dallas-Fort Worth. My checked-in bag was packed by me and ultimately inspected by TSA as evidenced by notice of a baggage inspection card.

Much to my chagrin, my prescription medications had been taken. I was further shocked by the complicated process one has to go through in order to file a complaint against TSA. This includes having to pay a deposit before one’s complaint can be heard.

Just another aggravation that travelers have to endure.