Your View: Riford board still isn’t listening to neighbors

By Liana Bowdler

Bonair Street resident

Why is the Riford Board so determined to have an entry on Bonair Street? Despite opposition and best plan according to ADA laws to have one accessible access for all, they continue to say that this entry on the residential Bonair Street side of the building is necessary. And with a $207,000 government grant specifically given for handicapped access, they’ve finally acquiesced to have a ramp providing equal access to all patrons at the front (La Jolla Blvd side.) That’s after extensive work by neighbors to show that it is not only possible, but preferred and legally required.

And yet, they are still trying, despite the obstacles, cost and neighborhood opposition, to put an additional access on the quiet residential street side of the building. The neighborhood has legitimate concerns that because the majority of the patrons park on Bonair Street that any ingress on this side will become a defacto entrance (who would walk by one entrance to go to another?) They are also concerned about commercial creep and future use of the building if the city should perhaps ever sell it and the Riford Board- which seems to be evolving away from seniors- should purchase it and use it for some alternate use...perhaps there’s some other underlying motive?