Your View: Reporting car theft pays off with arrest

I totally agree with the article, “Do your part to stop car thieves” from the July 28 edition. I am already signed up for the SDPD eWatch notifications. In fact, I already took an offensive approach against the thieves who target La Jolla Shores.

On July 18, at about 1800 hours, I was walking around the streets near La Jolla Shores and witnessed a car burglary at the 8400 block of Paseo Del Ocaso.

It wasn’t for sure that these men were really stealing from this car while they were doing it, but I jotted down their license plate just in case. After they left, I inspected the vehicle they were taking stuff out of and noticed the broken window and glass on the ground.

There was another witness who was down the street as well. I confirmed with him as to what we saw and I called 911 and gave them the suspects’ description and vehicle description with the license plate. I got a call from a SDPD detective three days later and asked me for my statement again. She said an arrest had been made, but couldn’t give me any further details.

Since that incident on July 18, I’ve noticed less auto burglaries in the past two weeks. I think these suspects were two of the main people hitting cars down by the beach.

Chris Johnson

La Jolla