Your View: Old lifeguard tower needs to go

By David Pierce

Director, San Diego Council of Divers

A couple of weeks ago, lifeguards at Children’s Pool were forced to use a pressure washer to blast clean the bird guano that has built up over the years on top of the original condemned tower and wash and disinfect the temporary tower that is currently in use.

Built in the ‘60s, it sits below the temporary tower erected to provide a lookout with a 270-degree view of La Jolla’s waters and coastline. This vital location has been in use by the San Diego lifeguards since 1926. The smell of the bird droppings has become unbearable and is a health issue as one lifeguard has come down with meningitis, and now a second lifeguard has been diagnosed with the disease.

The city needs to demolish the old tower and facilities as soon as possible as it is infested with rats, pigeons and squirrels who have made the condemned tower and bathrooms their home. (The work also needs to be done) to prepare for the construction of the new station and tower to provide these brave men and women who risks their lives to save and protect the public — a clean and healthy safe environment that they deserve.

The project manager for the construction of the new facility met with La Jolla Park and Beaches Committee at last July’s meeting to introduce the project and the time line of construction. The contractor will be seeking to expedite the required permits to proceed as soon as possible and without delays as this would be a welcome decision for the lifeguards stationed at the pool.