Your View: La Jollans should have input on public art


By John Beaver

La Jolla

I know the several public art displays are on private property, but they are there for all of us to see. Therefore, I am concerned about the arrogance of the La Jolla Community Foundation to assume they know what is good public art.

I’ve not heard of any public forum at the La Jolla Community Planning Association or the La Jolla Town Council. I can accept the art, but I ‘m not impressed with any of the renderings and they don’t speak well for the community. They are much like the “cows” that were sprinkled around La Jolla and did not gain much public interest, let alone bids. I think the LJCF should stop its plans until the citizens have had a chance to review them.

Editor’s note: The foundation board does not make decisions on the artists but looks to a committee for recommendations. Last week’s story includes a list of the art experts on the committee. See it at


Also, once selections are made, the board apprises La Jolla’s Planned District Ordinance Committee about locations in advance of the work, although it is not required to do so as the murals are privately funded on private property and do not qualify as “signs.”