Your View: January 17, 2008

Fan letter

This is a fan letter from a fan of Natasha Josefowitz. I was pleased to see her column when it first ran in the La Jolla Light and I am thoroughly entertained and educated each week by her wisdom, humorand insight.

Liza Boyer

La Jolla

Oppose paid parking

La Jolla Parking Board: I strongly oppose the proposed pilot parking program in downtown La Jolla. Currently, I take my daughter to piano lessons at the Firehouse on Friday afternoons. I’ve always been able to find parking within one block of the Firehouse. Now, I’m going to be forced to pay $1.50 each time I take her to her lesson. In addition, I’m going to have to also pay to take her to Sunday School. These fees alone will lead me to consider lessons at other locations. Not only will the vendors of those lessons lose a student, but the local businesses that I frequent while she’s in her lessons will lose a patron.

Andrea Dahlberg

La Jolla