Your View: Civic Leadership Fund a catalyst for engagement

By Bob Kelly


The San Diego Foundation

Foundations across the country have faced the reality that grantmaking alone cannot make the significant changes on the complicated issues people want and our communities need. Our colleagues all over the country are demonstrating this change through civic engagement.

The San Diego Foundation has found that our work based on community engagement, civil participation and strong civic leadership has had great success beyond grantmaking alone. Bringing diverse groups of people together to problem solve and create solutions drives this success.

Just imagine if San Diego became nationally known as a center of civic engagement. The Civic Leadership Fund will help do this and The Foundation can be a catalyst to create that attraction.

The Civic Leadership Fund will support numerous programs at the Center for Civic Engagement and other leadership activities. The Center for Civic Engagement will serve as the epicenter of civic activity where nonprofits, government agencies and businesses convene to plan the future of San Diego.

With the help of San Diego’s generous and concerned philanthropic and business community, we look forward to working together to assure that San Diego remains in perpetuity as one of the most beautiful and desirable regions in the world.

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