Your View: Bonair neighbors like the ramp, but ...

By David Raphael Singer

Bonair Street resident

The Bonair residents have always supported The Riford Center’s mission to serve the adult community and we are pleased that they are now going to provide for ADA access at its main entrance so that “abled” and “disabled” can all enter at the same location.

Lest they forget, they needed to be persuaded by the neighbors when they originally wanted to move the main entrance to Bonair Street, a quiet residential street, and then by the neighbors and other La Jolla community members who took up the cause, but do not live in the neighborhood, to provide its federally funded ADA access at the main entrance on La Jolla Boulevard.

Since they already have a federally funded ADA approved existing rear entrance off Bonair Street the contention that they still need a second ADA entrance on Bonair Street during construction is to be seriously questioned.