Your View: A-frame signs are good for business

By Craig Morgan

La Jolla resident

Whose view is this anyway re: the Light’s View of Sept. 15? La Jolla is supposed to be a village but some people certainly don’t act like it. A village helps its members, not just criticizes them over such a trivial matter. In these tough economic times these A-frame signs are a great help. They let shoppers know about specials, alert you to available parking and its cost, or remind you that a business is still there and open

When we are driving down the streets of La Jolla we’re too busy looking for a parking space to notice business signs over a storefront.

Maybe we wouldn’t have such a proliferation of “For Lease” signs or going out of business signs plastered across the store front windows if more businesses had been able to use these great little signs (which take up so little space) to attract the tourist shoppers and others who have forgotten all the small businesses.

We should be helping our businesses to succeed instead of such petty complaining over such innocuous signs. This Village has changed through the years and several facets that make up this Jewel have also changed. We rely not just on our community to support these many diverse businesses but the tourists as well who are not familiar with us. Our very survival is at stake these days and our Jewel can become lifeless, have no fire and be dead if we don’t do whatever we can to encourage and support the small businesses that make up our Village.

I find it ironic that these A-frame signs are so vehemently condemned by “Our View” and yet in “La Jolla Gems of the Week” (Page B17) you feature a picture of such a sign — the drive-thru coffee shop A-frame sign posted outside of Jonathan’s. (Is it because of the cute saying or the advertiser?)

That is my view and the view of countless others I have spoken to about this all too silly stand of yours.