Your Home: 5 Tips to Surviving Home Remodeling Together

By Scott Murfey, Murfey Construction

Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. So many San Diegans undergo successful remodeling projects without the typical brunt associated with losing precious rooms like your kitchen, bath or living room. It’s actually easier than you think so long as you know the territory that comes with remodeling.

In addition to space issues, though, couples who undergo remodeling at home can typically unearth arguments once unknown. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To survive – and thrive – throughout the remodeling process, here’s what you can do to stay comfortable and live seamlessly not only at home, but with each other, too.

Cost of Remodel

Couples should agree to an expected budget with room for flexibility of up to 30 percent in both directions to avoid arguments later.

Choosing Styles

If one partner is staunchly Victorian while the other is purely post-modern, you can still find a happy medium by mixing styles for an eclectic, unique look. Compromising is essential when it comes to adopting a style you both enjoy.

Pre-Plan Details

Things like faucet choices or wallpaper can create arguments later, so decide on the details before the project begins. Choices can reduce disagreements. It’s likely you can both find something you like by browsing options together.

Smaller Spaces

It’s a no-brainer to understand that remodeling projects will reduce your living space considerably until work is completed. But actually living in a smaller space is another thing altogether. Make sure both partners understand that space and time will be limited during a remodel. For example, during bathroom remodels, couples can expect to share a smaller space and may even have to find alternative showering or bathing methods. Make this part fun instead of harping on one another to hurry up. Remember, remodeling is temporary – is it really worth the argument in the moment?

Dust, Partitions and Loud Noises

When it comes to remodeling, couples need to expect an increase in dust, partitions and loud noises from the project site. Those particularly concerned about cleanliness should be flexible during this time, and understand that it may not be as tidy. Noise may also play a role in your remodel, so pre-plan your children’s activities or your personal obligations ahead of time.

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