City looks into confusing WindanSea condo signage

Arrow, meant to provide direction to the main entrance, points wrong way up Playa del Norte

Last week, several La Jolla Light readers wrote to complain about what they view as confusing signage on the recently completed One Neptune condominium complex at 6767 Neptune Place in WindanSea.

An arrow, meant to provide direction to the main entrance, points the wrong way up Playa del Norte, a one-way street that heads down toward the coast.

One irate reader, Lee Miller, said he witnessed as many as 20 motorists driving the wrong way up Playa del Norte one weekend since the directional signage — also illuminated at night — was installed.

“This is a very narrow, winding, street with several blind curves,” Miller said. “Residents and many tourists from the Travelodge, Holiday Inn Express & Su Casa (restaurant) either drive or walk down this street. … It is a tragedy waiting to happen.”

The project was developed by KD Development and designed by La Jolla’s Marengo Morton Architects.

Claude-Anthony Marengo, a principal with Marengo Morton Architects, said the sign pointing to the main entrance was required by the fire department (an explanation Miller said he also received from an on-site sales agent).

“We have contacted the city in regard to the e-mails we have received (about the signage),” Marengo responded, via e-mail, adding that he is awaiting a response from city fire officials to see if the arrow can be removed or covered up. “We have spoken to (project inspector) Lee Edging at the City of San Diego ... in anticipation of seeing what to do.”

Lynda Pfeifer, a spokesperson for the city’s Development Services Department, said the city would send a crew from Streets Division to the site as soon as possible to reinstall a missing “Do Not Enter” sign that was removed during construction and not replaced.

“A Code Enforcement case has been opened at Development Services (CED 227772) for further investigation,” Pfiefer responded, via e-mail. “As part of the investigation, the assigned investigator will make the appropriate contacts to the property manager or developer.”

To check the status of this citizen complaint, visit the city’s OpenDSD website at: