Wounded Children’s Pool seal rehabilitating at SeaWorld

A seal pup which had been seriously injured by a fishing line tightly wound around its neck has been saved.

“It wasn’t tangled (in a fishing net) it had some monofilament fishing line around its neck,” said Sea World spokesman David Koontz about the approximately 1-year-old, 45-pound male harbor seal that was recovered from Children’s Pool in La Jolla Sunday, July 27. “It had a small fish hook in its lower lip. The fishing line had sort of cut into the outer layer of the skin of the animal.”

The wounded mammal was first spotted on Sunday, July 12 when Marjane Aalam, a pro seal volunteer, was doing a morning count of the pool’s seal colony.

Koontz said the animal was brought to SeaWorld where the fishing line was cut from around its neck, the fish hook was removed from its mouth and the wounds around its neck were treated to prevent infection.

“The animal is doing very well and was eating fish today (July 28),” said Koontz. “We’re just going to continue to assess its condition, and develop an appropriate treatment plan for the animal, which is in our animal-care area. The ultimate goal is to return the animal back to the wild.”