Work progressing on LJ lifeguard towers

Design work on the new La Jolla Shores lifeguard tower is almost complete and construction is expected to begin this winter, but planning on the Children’s Pool’s replacement tower is much further behind.

“We’re about 25 percent done with design on Children’s Pool and about 95 percent done on the Shores tower,” city spokesman Jihad Sleiman said. “We’re hoping to go to construction on the Shores tower in November or December of this year.”

Sleiman said funding for both projects will come from the sale of bonds. He added that the Shores tower is expected to take about one year to complete, with the summer construction moratorium being observed except for inside work. The old tower will remain up and in use until the replacement tower is finished. It will then be demolished.

Sleiman said he will come back to La Jolla community advisory groups to apprise them of the construction schedule on the Shores tower once planning it is finished.

Sleiman added that a construction timetable has yet to be set on the Children’s Pool lifeguard tower.