With a heavy heart, we end The Bronowski Art and Science Forum series in La Jolla

By Ron Newby

Founder and Curator

Bronowski Art & Science Forum

Thank you Piotr Winkielman and thank you Jennifer Steinkamp; the Bronowski Forum on Sept. 6 was a wonderful and inspiring event. Piotr’s thoughts on perception, cognition and aesthetics, plus Jennifer’s commentary and the visual display of her art, provided members an intellectual journey across disparate disciplines. But that Forum may very well be the last.

Unfortunately, going forward, the Scripps Research Institute will be charging $1,500 per event for use of the auditorium. The amount on hand, which has been contributed by our members, falls short of even sponsoring one Forum. I have spent the last several months requesting funding from four local foundations and from other sources without success. I had thought, most naively, that funding for what many believe, a worthwhile series, could be obtained. I was very wrong. Without an alternate free venue or sponsorship, with great sadness, The Forum ends.

However, The Forum may be rescued. An individual has stepped forward with a possible solution and I will be exploring this offer. But in the event a solution is not found, please allow me to share some thoughts. The Bronowski Art & Science Forum has been, for me, an exciting and rewarding journey:14 years and 121 Forums.

It has attempted, in a humble way, to pay tribute to Jacob Bronowski and to carry on his legacy. He will always be known as an illustrious individual, a true Renaissance Man. He is fondly remembered as a founding fellow of The Salk Institute, mathematician, biologist, historian, author of “The Ascent of Man,” and a resident of La Jolla: an individual who bridged the gap between art and science.

Perhaps most noteworthy is that The Forum has been free and open to the public, and that presenters have come forth without compensation.

These would be artists and scientists, architects, historians, lawyers, psychologists, neuroscientists, Nobel laureates, university deans, photographers, physicians, musicians and authors, and our intellectually curious Forum Members. Thank you all.

I would also like to recognize those who have significantly contributed to The Forum: Kaz Maslanka, who has spent many hours assisting with the audio and visual; Lauren Jackson for designing the logo; Dave Schubert for hosting the early Forums at Salk; Irene Abraham for many suggestions; Mary and John Benbow for ushering duties; Jessica Colby; Gerry McAllister; Steve Link; Ron Kaiser; Roger Guillemin; Jason Rogalski and Beverly Boggs.

If in the future a new home or sponsor is identified, I will eagerly re-commence curating The Bronowski Art & Science Forum. I can be reached by e-mail at