Why Tuning-Up Your Mac Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

By Otto Benson,

Modern Home Systems

When we think about why we love our Apple computers, the sleek design, the advanced operating systems, and the user-friendly functionality probably come to mind. What probably does not come to mind are the software update notifications. Many of us ignore these notifications because they can slow down our computers while we’re trying to work or, even more inconvenient, make us restart our computers. In fact, many Apple users might even think that their systems don’t need updates—but that’s an outdated notion. Apple’s popularity means more hackers are trying to find its vulnerabilities, and vulnerabilities are addressed by frequent code updates. In addition to these code updates fashioned to make our Macs more secure, Cyber Logic, an IT Support company, lists some other reasons software updates are important for Mac users:

Bug Fixes

– Although software is tested before it’s released to the public, problems do arise. Once the problems or bugs are reported back to the vendor by the public, the vendor rewrites the problematic bits of application and releases the updated software for download. These update are important to ensure stable systems.

Product Enhancements

– Who doesn’t want a better product? Some software updates include enhancements that add better functionality to your computer.

Software Rot –

Software rot happens when a piece of software in not updated and, consequently, loses its functionality or compatibility because of the changes in the environment in which is resides.

If you have been ignoring your software updates, a tune-up would be an excellent idea to maintain the health and optimal functionality of your Apple computer. A tune up will get your Mac up to date, uninstall unnecessary apps, reclaim hard drive space, and optimize your system. At Modern Home Systems, we are offering a special on Apple computer tune-ups for $99. Log onto

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