Who you gonna call? Try this list


With the rain we’ve been having lately, we are all noticing more potholes, more cracks in the sidewalks and places where water’s running downhill more than ever.

Frustration builds when you hit those potholes, especially if it damages your tire, but it’s also frustrating not to know which city department to call about the issues.

We thought we’d give readers this list to stick on the refrigerator door — or to put in your cell phones or home phones — so they’re handy when you need them.

The city’s Web site at feature on the left side called the Citizen Services Directory. You can put in a word and it will take you to the appropriate spot for any issues you’re having.

We singled out a few to make your life easier that we think are more commonly used.

  • Potholes, sidewalks, curbs, gutter problems: (619) 527-7500
  • Water waste: (619) 515-3500
  • Code compliance (Issues like illegal signs, zoning violations, disability access, barking dogs): (619) 236-5500
  • Graffiti control: (619) 525-8522

And if you want to go straight to our elected leaders:

  • Mayor Jerry Sanders, (619) 236-6330,
  • First District Councilwoman Sherri Lightner, 236-6999,
  • Second District Councilman Kevin Faulconer, (619) 236-6996,

If you don’t think you’re getting a response fast enough, e-mail us at We’ll keep a running list and do what we can to remind those folks downtown that La Jolla is part of the city and deserves their attention.