Who you gonna call? Call Sherri! Speaking at La Jolla Community Center, councilmember invites calls to her office

By Ashley Mackin

When asked what she sees as her legacy when her term is up in 2016, District 1 San Diego City Councilmember Sherri Lightner told a recent gathering at the La Jolla Community Center, “I want people to say ‘You know, when Sherri was in office, we could call her office and get something fixed.’ There are other things I want to get done as well, but I want to be remembered for the community service aspect of my office.”

Center member Don Hodges noted that through a grant from Lightner’s office, they were able to construct the ADA-accessible ramp four years ago. “That project acted as a huge catalyst for us ... it was the trigger that allowed us to apply for other grants (to cover other improvements and renovations) to this building,” he said.

Lightner was a guest of the Community Center’s Distinguish Speaker series July 10, where she took questions ending most answers with, “If you call my office, we’ll look into the matter and get back to you.” Her office can be reached at (619) 236-6611, visit

or e-mail

Regarding pothole areas (and areas with patches as a temporary fix), she explained to the 30-plus people in the audience that the city is working under a new plan that postpones street repaving if there are other utility plans for that street.

“The previous plan was they would dig up the street, put in a sewer and repave the street. Then they would dig up the street, put in a water line and repave the street. Then they’d come back and do undergrounding and repave the street,” she said. “Now, sewer, water or undergrounding is being coordinated before the complete resurfacing of a street, so crews will try to make the patches work. The idea is once they are completely done with what they are doing, then they will resurface the street.”

Still, Lightner requested the locations of particularly bad areas so her office could look into them, along with any issues of speeding cars and neighborhood noise.

Lightner reported a solid working relationship with the police department’s Quality of Life Team, which assists with homeless issues and panhandling in the community. She said if someone sees panhandling, to contact her office for investigation by the Team.

La Jolla resident Art Brandt thanked Lightner stating he had first-hand experience with calling her office and seeing an issue resolved.

“Her office helped us get rid of ice cream trucks in our area, which has really helped make our neighborhood quieter. We appreciated that,” he said. “She is responsive and a wise person who uses a lot of logic.”

As for the “other things” she would like to get done, Lightner said her priority would be a better water plan as Californians deal with drought conditions. “I think there was a missed opportunity here,” she said, adding she is working with water treatment facilities to have better options for the future.

Pleased with the turnout and the dialogue that ensued, Community Center Executive Director Nancy Walters said, “Sherri has been a huge supporter for as long as I can remember and has been instrumental to the growth of this center, so it was great to have her here.”

The next guest in the Distinguished Speakers Series will be Congressmember Scott Peters (D-52nd), 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 26 at La Jolla Community Center, 6811 La Jolla Blvd. (858) 459-0831.