When is the Best Time for Your Remodel?

Just because San Diego doesn’t have three months of snowstorms or a hurricane season, doesn’t mean that there aren’t particular times of year that are better, or worse, for planning your remodel project. And in many cases, picking that optimal time can go a long way in saving you time and money. Here are several factors to consider:

Understand Supply and Demand

The struggle between supply and demand is a consistent force in essentially all that we pay for. And just like how Christmas decorations can be purchased for a fraction of the cost after the first of the year, the price of building materials also fluctuates depending on the time of year. And while the low-point of the market may not perfectly line up with when you’re ready to build, it’s a great idea to accrue such materials like paint, lumber, electrical fixtures, plumbing, tile, etc. when they are cheaper and then simply store them until you are ready to start your project. Also, if you are trying to order flooring or new windows at the same time as everyone else in town, there is a much greater risk that orders will get mixed up or delayed, which will only add to your time and budget.

Work with Contractors’ Schedules

Knowing when to remodel is not just about material costs. You also have to consider how busy the contractor is. Just as in your own work, you know that there are certain times when you are swamped and others when everything seems to flow at the right pace. Contractors are generally the same way; they too have busy and slow seasons. It’s a good idea to talk with them ahead of time, to find when the better times are for them so that you can get the full attention you deserve. You also want to be sure that you find the right contractor for your job. In other words, a contractor that has the experience and size to take on your particular project.

Part of working with your contractor is planning early and allowing for a little flexibility. This will allow your contractor to work more efficiently. And since the mistakes and backtracking are likely to be greatly reduced, the “slightly off-season” is one of the best times to remodel!

Get a Jump on Seasonal Work

Just because San Diego isn’t known for it’s extreme seasons, doesn’t mean some projects don’t always pop up during certain times of year. For instance, window replacements and air conditioning units are most often summer projects. But try focusing on these areas in early spring or late fall. The prices and demand will be reduced. Furnaces and fireplaces, along with roofing, are usually ignored before fall, so have these types of projects done over the summer. And while everyone thinks about that new summer deck in late spring, plan ahead and get your deck started in the winter. Take advantage of our mild winters. The best time to remodel is, of course, going to change depending on the project you are planning. In most cases, it is a good idea to have your project take place a month or two before or after everyone else will be calling for the same project.

Overall, the biggest assets on your side for choosing the right time to do a big home project are thinking ahead and planning early. They are far more important than weather. The best project, without fail, always ends up being the one that is thoroughly thought out.

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