What you <b>CANNOT</b> bring to the fair?


Can I bring... pet? No.

The only animals allowed on the grounds are service dogs, animals on exhibit or those used in entertainment. We do not have accommodations for pets at the Fairgrounds. Should you need day boarding, we suggest the Helen Woodward Animal Center, 6461 El Apajo Road, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067, Phone: (858) 756-4117. Or, check the

Web site for other pet boarding facilities.

...knives, scissors, and other sharp implements? No.

Because we want the Fair to be a fun and safe experience, we have metal detectors and bag searches as you enter the Fairgrounds. All sharp metal objects, such as pocket knives, tableware, scissors and the like, are strictly prohibited, as are guns and other weapons. Please leave these items at home, or in your vehicle. If you wonder whether something is allowed or not, probably it is not. Please help us keep the Fair fun for all.

If you have a forgotten pocket knife when you reach the security checkpoint, you can either take it back to your vehicle or check it for a small fee at the stroller and wheelchair rental booths at the O’Brien and Arena Gates. If you buy a knife at the Fair, you will pick it up at the Merchandise Pickup Window next to Will Call at the O’Brien Gate when you leave the grounds. own food and beverages? Yes.

“Fair food” is a big reason why people visit the Fair, but if you have dietary or other reasons for wanting to bring your own food or beverages, please do. Please note: Alcohol, glass containers and metal knives and forks are prohibited. Also, all beverages must be in factory-sealed containers (meaning reusuable containers such as sports water bottles and sippy cups can not contain beverages when you go through the security check at the entrances). Please consume your food at one of the six designated picnic areas, which are marked on the Fairgrounds map in the printed program. Some vendors provide seating for their customers; please respect that.

...coolers or ice chests? Yes.

We provide complimentary cooler check-in at Guest Services, or you can check it for a nominal charge at the stroller and wheelchair rental locations at the entrance gates. Your cooler will be searched as you enter the grounds; please do not pack alcohol, glass containers or sharp metal utensils. motorized wheelchair? Yes.

Guests with disabilities are permitted to bring in motorized scooters with three or more wheels to be used as a mobility device. You can also rent non-motorized wheelchairs or electric scooters at the Fair.

...a skateboard or roller skates? No.

The Fair attracts large crowds, and we want everyone to move at about the same pace for safety reasons. Please leave skateboards, scooters, roller skates (including children’s wheeled shoes) and other wheeled toys at home or in your vehicle.

...a bicycle? Yes.

You may ride your bicycle to the Fair, and park it outside the entrance gates at the bike racks provided.

...a wagon? Yes.

Small children may be pulled in a wagon at walking speed by adults or responsible older children. umbrella? No.

Because umbrellas have a lot of sharp points on the tip and supports, please use a wide-brimmed hat as a sun shield. Rain is a very rare occurrence at the Fair.

...a camera tripod? Yes, with restrictions.

Some exhibits permit photography; others do not. Please observe the signs. Tripods also can be a trip hazard, so we do not permit their use in the Fun Zone and other crowded areas.

All professional photographers must have a credential from the Media Office, located at the southeast corner of the Flower and Garden Show. If you are a serious amateur photographer using professional-style equipment, please stop by the Media Office for a photographer’s credential.

...a gun? No, with one exception.

For the safety of our guests and employees, guns may not be brought onto the Fairgrounds. However, off-duty, qualified law enforcement officers (as defined in 18 U.S.C. section 926B) or qualified, retired law enforcement officers (as defined in 18 U.S.C. section 926C) will be allowed to carry concealed weapons into the Fair.

These individuals must identify themselves to Security at the Fair’s entrances with the proper credentials required by law. The credentials required of qualified off-duty or retired law enforcement officers by 18 U.S.C. sections 926B and 926C will be verified by a San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy. In addition, qualified off-duty and retired law enforcement officers will be required to sign a document attesting to their compliance with all pertinent state and federal laws and the policies and procedures of their individual employers; and, that they are not at the time of entry, nor will be while on the fairgrounds, under the influence of alcohol or any intoxicating or hallucinatory drug.

Qualified off-duty or retired law enforcement officers with questions about this policy may contact the Fair’s Security Office at News media with questions may contact the Fair’s Media Office at Members of the public with questions may contact

My friend will be performing/selling a product. Can I bring…Advertising stickers? No.

A fine of $200.00 per occurrence will be assessed to any performer, performance group, vendor, radio station or other Fair participant whose stickers are found anywhere on the grounds. Any performer or performer’s helper found to be selling or giving away stickers will receive a violation notice, which will jeopardize future participation in the fair.

...advertising flyers? Yes, if they are distributed only within your space.

A fine of $500 per violation applies to the distribution of flyers, authorized or non-authorized, outside your performance time and stage, or booth space.

If you want to know whether you can bring something or not, please send e-mail to