What Do Your Teeth Say About Your Personality?


By Dr. Robert Sunstein,

Orthodontist in Carmel Valley & La Jolla

We all know that smiling conveys a sense of optimism and happiness – it’s a reflection of the positive way we feel inside. But did you know that your smile is also a key indicator to your personality? According to a new report published at

The Age Life & Style

, our subconscious constructs subliminal assessments within seconds of meeting a new person, and teeth are just one factor that gives us insight into an individual’s personality.

“The minute we meet someone we are making assumptions about every aspect of their personality and disposition before we even process what they are saying,” says UK-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Christian Coachman. “Studies have shown it is virtually instantaneous. Before the information reaches the visual cortex in the brain, we’ve subconsciously made a list of conclusions about them and then respond accordingly.”

When we assess a person’s teeth, we are given subliminal clues into their personalities as well. For instance, square, perfectly-aligned teeth may indicate a diplomatic, conforming, discreet individual. On the other hand, an individual with a less rigid tooth pattern may be artistic, timid and reserved.

“Square-shaped teeth can give the impression [of being] in control, relatively unemotional and calm, as well as diplomatic, objective and entrepreneurial.

“Compare that with oval teeth, which signal a sadness and pensiveness about life, as well as giving the impression a person is organized, artistic and possibly timid in personality.”

The truth is that many of us have a combination of the four personality types associated with teeth shape: sanguine (triangular-shaped), choleric (rectangular-shaped), sensitive (oval-shaped), and peaceful (square-shaped).

But what if your smile is less-than-perfect? Many individuals have sought treatment through the use of orthodontics to correct an imperfect or crooked smile. Because our teeth say so much about our individuality, why not make your smile the most it can be?

“We often see people who say they’ve been born with the wrong teeth, and want to change them,” he says. “This is because the person they are does not match the impression and messages their teeth give out to the world about them.

“In some cases they live with considerable frustration and confusion. Many people don’t know why they are struggling to get people around them to see them for who they are, and in some cases, their smile is the problem. For those people, cosmetic dentistry can help.”

If you’re like many adults in San Diego with the desire to improve the aesthetics of your smile, it’s time to consider braces. With many options including Invisalign (clear braces), it’s never been easier to get the smile you’ve always wanted no matter what your age.

“A warm, authentic smile communicates feelings that words alone can’t accomplish. A great smile radiates warmth, puts people at ease and makes a good first impression,” Sydney psychologist Janine Rod added.

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