What do you think of the temporary Children’s Pool lifeguard tower?

“It’s not the prettiest lifeguard stand, but being a lifeguard myself it’s really important to have the extra height. If they ran it by everybody first it might have been better looking … but they need it, so it’s definitely worthwhile to get the extra height there.”

Devon Albert

Chicago, Ill.

“Is it going to look just like that? It’s not very attractive although we need a lifeguard tower. But they could have done a better job building it. They have fixed this area up so beautifully, and then to put something up that’s a little less attractive … I’m sure it’s a money issue.”

Susan Tschirn

La Jolla Shores

“It fits the motif around here. It’s more modern than not. They minimized the size as much as they could. It’s probably fiberglass. They’re kind of a little different than the old (wood) ones but they’re certainly going to last. It could have been bigger and uglier.”

Kevin McNamara

Chugiak, Alaska