‘What do you think of the Bird Rock roundabouts?’

Juha Auer

Bird Rock

I like them. I think they’re a good way to slow the traffic and to make it more efficient.

Karen Reynosa

Bird Rock

It’s just that nobody remembers what a yield sign means from traffic school.

Paul Violria

Bird Rock

We really don’t like it because a lot of people had to go through Hermosa during all the construction. But I think once it moves smoothly again people will be happy with it.

Karina Sarley

Bird Rock

New development is not something that runs lightly with the community ... There have just been a lot of accidents. We are Americans; we don’t know how to drive through roundabouts.

Kimmy (With Brody and Kaia) Layson

La Jolla

I am amazed because I have been gone for about three years now, and I love what has happened to Bird Rock and this whole little area. It’s awesome, and now I am trying to put a retail space here.