“What do you think of public transportation in La Jolla?”


Natalie Reusser

“No one really does it, unfortunately. I mean, I’ve taken the bus like once or twice but it’s not really convenient.”

Liri Meier

“I haven’t had to use it yet because I have a car, and I use my feet. I’m always running.”

Cody Cromwell

“I think the trolley should be down here. But besides that, the busses are all right.

I was kind of bummed out when they took out the 32. The 30 gets you to where you need to go for the most part. But, you pretty much need a car.”

Colleen Emmenegger

“I think the bus transportation in San Diego in general just sucks. They don’t come often enough, they come late, they’re just too hard to get from one point to another and transfer around the city.”

Chris Wood

“Is there any public transportation in La Jolla? I have a couple of employees that do ride public transportation, that work here. They seem to be able to get here, pretty OK. They get here on time.”

Sye Conceh and Michael Hultz

“It sucks.”