What are you waiting for La Jolla Shores residents, an invitation?


President, La Jolla Shores Association

Well, here it is! The La Jolla Shores Association invites you to join — today. Our board is dedicated to keeping La Jolla beautiful, safe and accommodating to the folks that live, visit, work, walk and shop in this very special part of the world.

Members of the La Jolla Shores Association have input into the critical issues affecting how La Jolla will develop, look and function over the near and long term. Moreover, the La Jolla Shores Association is the


community organization with official advisory input with the San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation regarding the preservation and management of La Jolla’s several parks. Members are also encouraged to run for a position on the Association’s Board of Directors which meets every month to weigh in on local planning issues, beach and park protection issues, permit applications for parks and beach activities, and perhaps most importantly, building and development issues that will affect the look and feel of La Jolla for the next century.

You can be a part of this important process by coming to our next meeting on Dec.8.

Membership applications are available at our meetings, and the board is currently accepting nominations for the Board of Directors. This is a prime opportunity to get involved in a grass-roots organization that has an immediate and lasting impact on our precious community. Come and help us as we plan for La Jolla’s future. The time is right — the time is now.

Contact us today by e-mailing our Membership Committee Chair Todd Lesser at

, or Audrey Keane at