“What advice would you give to La Jolla’s high school graduates?”


Sandra Hope

(La Jolla)

“Where do I start? The best advice I could give would be figure out what you like to do best, and figure out how you can make a living doing that.”

Marilyn Powers

(La Jolla)

“Two things. Believe in their dreams, and don’t sell out.”

Marty O’Connor

(La Jolla)

“That’s a tough one. Just pursue your dreams, focus on something you like and you are interested in, and do something you’re happy with.”

William Ordas

(Pacific Beach)

“Get a degree or get a trade, and enjoy life.”

Judy Sundayo

(La Jolla)

“Search diligently for scholastic aid and be encouraged by the political process they’ve witnessed this year.”

Nancy Assaf

(La Jolla)

“Take an active role in our government, and think of ways to be a good citizen of our wonderful country.”