West Wireless celebrates big announcements


The West Wireless Health Institute (WWHI) last week celebrated two major announcements, including an additional $25 million commitment from the Gary and Mary West Foundation.

The latest funds will be used to ramp up recruitment of what is described in a news release as “world-class engineering talent and accelerate its mission on a national and global scale.” The institute is housed on Torrey Pines Mesa across from UCSD and adjacent to the site of the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine now under construction.

The announcement brings the West Foundation’s grants to the institute to nearly $100 million. WWHI is among the first medical research organizations dedicated to lowering the cost of health care through wireless health solutions.

Also at the event on June 17, institute Chief Executive Officer Don Casey announced that CareFusion, Cisco and Medtronic are now among its Technology and Education (T&E) partners.

They will work with WWHI teams on a variety of initiatives.

“These companies clearly understand the power of wireless mobile devices and their potential to transform health care delivery,” Dr. Eric J. Topol, vice chairman of the board and chief innovation officer of West Wireless Health Institute, stated in a news release. “While each partner is bringing unique expertise to the table, we know that our combined and shared efforts will generate creative solutions for improving care and lowering costs.”