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On the lifeguard tower

Trace: The proposed new Lifeguard Tower feels like another effort on their part to promote their anti-wildlife agenda. The pool should be closed to swimming, remain a world-class site for nature viewing, and the lifeguards relocated to one of the adjacent coves, or the existing station and bathrooms located at the biological preserve area improved.

On the Christmas Parade

Artificial Christmas Tree: Besides those cars, members of the La Jolla Town Council’s parade committee say they’d love to have antique cars and other “special” vehicles enter, as well.

Lee: I heard that all we need to make this 51st annual La Jolla Christmas Parade happen is for 30 people to each step up with a $500 check. Easy enough! I did it. I challenge the other 29 to do the same.

On the WindanSea taggers

LJ resident & surfer: I think the best punishment (after they complete clean up duty) would be to ban offenders from the beach for a period of time. However, if (they) continue to get off easy for their “petty” crimes … we will never get respect for the beach, others, and the law through to these kids.