Web comments

On WindanSea:

Concerned: The WindanSea residents and surfers find it pitiful and bold for someone to come into their neighborhood to deface its improvements. San Diego citizens and the surf community are far better people than those that choose to tag. Hopefully the neighborhood and police can work together to detour such useless property damage. A neighborhood watch program is effective if people will get involved.

On Sherri Lightner:

Christine: You guys are extremely lucky to have Sherri Lightner. She is a genuine rep for the people and will do her best for you guys… I am sure the people she has chosen are good people to represent those areas.

On recycling:

Angela: I recycle my inkjet cartridges and cell phones with Planet Green. They pay for cartridges and phones (unlike the Postal Service) and they pay for more items than Staples does. They even provide free shipping labels and boxes.

On the fire pits (before anonymous donor announced):

Nancy E: It’s so sad is there anything we did in our youth that will be left for others, I seriously doubt it. A lot of family fun and cheap entertainment roasting marshmallows or hot dogs at our beach fire pits.

On UCSD fuel cell project:

F. William Thomas: So why should I be paying for university funding/R&D through my utility bill? And please note that at $5000 per kilowatt installed and the resulting high O&M cost, this generation is very expensive ... three or four times the going rate for larger-scale commercialized renewable technologies.

On suggestions for the Village:

Ray M: Electric cars even better - especially with this economy, retailers should be more active participating in local promos to keep the $$ in the community. They all can share the cost of this electric car tour. I believe that will help increasing knowledge of the city and more foot traffic and eventually more $$ back in their pocket.

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