We need to help polish our ‘Jewel’


By Earl Van Inwegen

As we all know, jewelry, among other things, needs to be polished occasionally, especially when the luster fades a bit. We polish our silver, our cars, our nails (women) and even our relationships. The latter we shine up with parties, visits, phone calls; now e-mail, Twittering, Facebooking and all the newer electronic means.

Our “Jewel,” La Jolla, seems to have lost some its luster. We have become a village of “No’s” in some respects: No Paid Parking, No Third Story, No Homeless, No Seals, No Speeding come to mind. However, we must not let the luster fade.

On the plus side, we have taken the time and effort to make the Jewel shine: The Map and new playground in La Jolla Shores, SummerFest, the Cows, Village beautification, Bird Rock roundabouts, Taste of Bird Rock, traffic calming on Via Capri, saving the fireworks, Christmas parades, family movie nights, pancake breakfasts, Mount Soledad veterans ceremonies and others.

But it takes an effort, not only of the La Jolla civic organizations, but of volunteers, active participation under proper leadership and taking advantage of local shopping, restaurants and civic activities. We are blessed with location, weather and civic pride of our Jewel, but we must keep the polish cloth active to keep the tarnish from dulling our luster.

If you want to pitch in, the Streetscape Committee is looking for sponsors to help cover the cost of hiring the Urban Corps to empty trash cans and sweep gutters or to support the hanging flower baskets. It costs $885 for the cleaning, $2,075 for the baskets each month.

If you want to donate, send a tax-deductible check to La Jolla Town Council Foundation, P.O. Box 1101, La Jolla, CA 92038. Write on your check what you want to support.

Earl Van Inwegen is president of the La Jolla Town Council.