Water authority creates homeowner usage calculator

San Diego County Water Authority has released a new online tool that helps residents estimate how much water they use in their homes and provides practical tips for conserving the region’s most precious natural resource.

The “water calculator” guides users through a series of questions about their home’s water use indoors and outdoors. Based on house-specific data, the calculator quickly estimates how much water is used by major

appliances or fixtures, and it identifies specific areas for improving overall household water-use efficiency. Then, the calculator compares individualized results with average and highly efficient homes in the same zip code, showing how much water could be conserved if homeowners make specific changes or upgrades. The process takes about 10 minutes.

“Our polling indicates that the vast majority of San Diego County residents think using water efficiently is the right thing to do, but many people can use a little help identifying where they should start,” said Thomas V. Wornham, chair of the Water Authority’s board of directors. “This handy calculator highlights ways homeowners can take the next step.”

The Water Calculator is a collaborative project of the

Alliance for Water Efficiency

, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to water-use sustainability, and

The Field Museum

, a scientific powerhouse in Chicago. The Water Authority provided data about water requirements for plants in San Diego County to customize outdoor water-use estimates for this region. The project was made possible by a grant from the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust.

To calculate your residential water use, visit

—Staff Reports