Voulez Vous Bistro Vinaigrette

*** Note: Amount can be adjusted according to needs. Recipe yields approximately four large vegetable oil jugs.• 90 eggs (about three flats)• 1 8-pound can of dry yellow mustard• 1 gallon red wine vinegar• 5 ounces salt• 2 ounces black pepperMix in a large Hobart mixing bowl.• 12 ounces garlic with oil• 3 pounds onion• 1/4 ounce ground rosemary• 1/2 ounce thyme• 3/4 ounce fennel seed• 1 teaspoon nutmegGrind together using a medium hole plate. Add to the mixing bowl. Slowly and patiently add 10 gallons of vegetable oil.

Run the mixer with whip on No. 2 speed, and slowly add 3/4 of the oil (three jugs). *This is the most important step as the oil is what gives the dressing its texture and thickness. So mix it in slowly to let the oil absorb into the batch.* Once 3/4 of the oil is mixed in, reduce to No. 1 speed (noting the change in thickness and flow) and slowly add the rest of the oil. Continue mixing in, and after about five minutes, the dressing should be to the proper consistency.