Vista Hill’s Women’s Council

Vista Hill’s Women’s Council on Mental Health held a fascinating luncheon program - with renowned physician and author Dr. Thomas Perls as guest speaker. The title of his talk was “Living to 100: Living to Your Maximum Potential at Any Age.” Who wouldn’t be interested in that topic?

As Perls pointed out, “Centenarians represent a new paradigm of aging: the older you get, the healthier you’ve been.” Although he conceded that genetics plays an important role, Dr. Perls’ studies have revealed that people who keep “cognitively engaged” in complex activities can delay the mental and physical affects of advanced age. The idea is to get people as old as they can and still maintain quality of life.

Among the La Jolla supporters of Vista Hill were Joan Bowes, Candace Berkman, Joy Furby, Carol Karlovich, Elaine Lipinsky (Event Program Sponsor), Merle Lotherington, Mary Walker, Olivia Rotert, Martha Longenecker, Mary Ann Ginnow,Viviana Polinsky, Polly Liew, and Mini Wong. Charlotte Nielsen was honorary chair of the event. Ann Mound and Marilyn Johns were among the hard-working committee members.