Village streetlight problems under repair

A city official said problems with streetlight outages in La Jolla’s downtown Village have either been repaired or will be soon.

“Problems with the streetlights were due to a very old, high-voltage underground circuit system,” said Hasan Yousef, deputy director of the city of San Diego’s Street Division. “We’re in the process of replacing that with a new multi-series circuit system that is being completed.”

Yousef said, as of July 17, that some streetlights which had been out had been turned back on, and that more would be energized soon. Problems with the aged underground circuit system have been likened to a string of Christmas lights in which, if one light in the series goes out, they all do.

By the end of July, Yousef said all of the Village’s streetlights should be in working condition. He added streetlights in one segment of town were awaiting the arrival of new light poles before lighting could be switched back on. “We’re (city’s) doing our best to bring the lights back on,” he said. “We understand this is a tourist area and an important part of town, and we’re making every effort to expedite the work as much as we can.”