U.S. Open recommendations from police; traffic, no cell phones


All week the San Diego Police have recommended that individuals avoid various streets in the area of the Torrey Pines Golf Course, the site of the U.S. Open Golf Championship.

This is for individuals that do not have a reason to be in the area for work or to attend the event. Keep in mind that the police are recommending people stay away from streets near the course that are west of Interstate 5.

It is acceptable to take Interstate 805 to the La Jolla Village exit to visit University Towne Center or other businesses a few miles east of I-5. The police do not anticipate any traffic back-up related to the U.S. Open in that area.

Additionally, those attending the event are not allowed to bring cell phones inside the venue. Plan ahead to meet friends, etc. at particular points inside the venue at designated times.

The police have experienced a large number of individuals who are “lost” because they cannot find their friends or family members. This can be avoided by planning ahead and remembering that you won’t be able to text or call the other people in your party.


Streets to avoid include:
  • - 10200 to 11900 North Torrey Pines Road
  • - Genesee Avenue west from Interstate 5
  • - Carmel Valley Road west from Interstate 5
  • - Gilman Drive west from Interstate 5
  • - La Jolla Village Drive west from Interstate 5
  • - North Torrey Pines Road north from Genesee Avenue

In addition, the Torrey Pines State Beach parking lot will not be open to the public during the U.S Open; however, the diagonal parking along the beach is open to the public as usual.
For those who hold tickets to the event, the most efficient way to arrive at the event is by going to Qualcomm Stadium and taking one of the many free shuttles.

Parking at the “Q” is free and the lot will be patrolled by SDPD officers at all hours during the event. Ticket holders will be put through a magnetometer at the stadium prior to boarding a shuttle bus and their bags will be x-rayed.

Once they arrive at the Torrey Pines Golf Course there will be no additional waiting to gain entry.

Please keep in mind that there will be no public parking within the vicinity of the event itself.

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